Beach Handball 2017/2018 is on!

It's played worldwide with national and international championships. Check out the rules of the game here.


Trainings: Tuesday and Thursday nights, 6.45pm-8.45pm at City Beach (to the right of Clancy's Café, past the playground- walk towards the end of the car park and you'll find us right on the sand!) Please note Thursday night trainings start on Thursday 9 November, 2017.


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Upcoming Australian Championships: No previous experience is needed, if you come down to our trainings this season, you could join a WA team and compete against the rest of the state teams at the National Beach Handball Championships in Adelaide - February 22 to 25, 2018! Join the event hosted by Handball SA here.


Everybody is welcome! Please contact Steffi for any questions regarding beach handball.

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Our first beach handball training at City Beach (31/10/17)





Beach Handball : WHAT IS IT ?!
Beach handball is a fast paced and high scoring game of handball. Unlike indoor handball a team has only four people on a court a one time. As spectacular goals result in two points, beach handball makes a great game to watch and play.
Click here for an overview of Beach Handball rules
or here for the full rules of Beach Handball

or go to for a short video of the rules!
Melbourne 2012 - Nationals ! 

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 Social competition at Scarborough Esplanade - 12/2011


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